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Safeway has nuts

By December 3, 2008July 23rd, 20205 Comments

Does Safeway play it safe with their marketing? Usually.

But here’s a can of almonds from the venerable grocer:

Have nuts? Have a party!

“Have nuts? Have a party!” Safeway likes the phrase so much they’ve trademarked it.

You know someone, somewhere at Safeway said “We can’t say that! What will our customers think?” Still, somehow this packaging was approved and made it to the shelves.

I say kudos to Safeway for having the—nerve—to push it a little.

What say you?

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Join the discussion 5 Comments

  • I love that a company called Safeway chose not to play it safe but dared instead to play on words. They’ve score a humorous touchdown on this one and just became a brand I’ll remember with an insider joke chuckle and smile.

  • Deston says:

    Nice package.

  • Melissa Griswold says:

    This reminds me of McDonald’s 3 second “I’d hit it” campaign from a couple of years ago. I think it stems from an older generation of marketers who are like “ha ha, Fred, that sounds great. I’ve heard it used in the younger generation, they’ll like it!” And they don’t bother asking anyone and just push it through.

    I could be completely way off base, though. It still gave me a chuckle and a half.

  • Moon says:

    Mostly harmless….

  • I’m nuts about it (TM)

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