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Seven reasons why you should never hire us, Part 1

By April 17, 2015December 11th, 2020One Comment

When it comes to getting your marketing done you have plenty of choices, and we’re probably not one of them. Here’s why.

  1. We cuss—every last one of us. Well, everyone except Jesse. So, most of us cuss. And at least one of us will let an f-bomb fly in a client meeting now and then. For shame!
  2. We don’t wear black turtlenecks and seldom dress fancy. At least, not on purpose.
  3. We’re hypocrites. Far too many people in our office don’t eat meat. And we have a client that’s in the meat industry!
  4. We leave work early. At least once a month, we get outta Dodge and help out at a food bank. Or do a fun run together. Or be DECA judges. Or go on a hike. When do we ever get any work done around this joint, anyway?
  5. We have fabric handtowels in our bathroom and don’t change them often enough. Ewww!
  6. We make everyone stand at work, and we all have standing desks. Everyone except interns. We make them sit.
  7. We don’t practice what we preach. We force our clients to keep their websites updated, then we create crappy filler posts like this one—all just to keep our blog active.

So, why in the hell would you want to hire us, anyway?

See, I told you we cuss.

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