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Show this video to the social media resistors in your company

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If you’ve ever done a speech on social media, or tried to sell your company why you should embrace engagement you’ve seen it: The negative Nelly or Nelson that’s so afraid of what someone might say they throw ice on the fire — or worse, successfully kibosh the whole program.

My response is typically something like, “Ignorance is bliss. The discussions happen whether you are present or not. And it’s way better to know what they are saying and to be able to respond.” If that doesn’t work, I’ll move to the “jerk in the room” conversation – the fact that everyone knows a troll when they see one, and reasonable people will often rush to your defense.

That whole spiel seems pretty flat-footed compared to this. Here’s a post on Maxipad’s Bodyform’s Facebook page by a man named Richard Neill. Richard is accusing the company of “false advertising” because his girlfriend is never happy during her period. As you might expect, it’s gone viral, collecting over 90,000 likes as of today:

Here’s Bodyform’s direct response to Richard’s post. Make sure you watch the video all the way to the end.

Taboo, shmaboo. Bodyform’s response is at once an apology, an explanation and entertaining, to boot.

If the social media resistant in your organization think your product or service is too risky to talk about on social media, show them this.

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Thanks to Deston Nokes for the tip.

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