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Shut off your lights at the office this weekend.

By March 27, 2009October 27th, 20219 Comments

In support of Earth Hour, all our lights will be shut off at Outsource Marketing this entire weekend. Mostly because I don’t want someone to have to come in and shut them off at 8:30 on a Saturday night.

Here’s what it all about:

On Saturday, March 28th at 8:30pm millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for one hour, Earth Hour to join the largest call to action on climate change in history. Through every flick of the light switch you are voting for our elected officials to take immediate and lasting action on the climate crisis.

We all have a stake. We all have a voice. We all have a vote.

Turn Out for Earth Hour. Vote Earth

So, send out an email now to everyone in your office right now.

Don’t leave it up to the cleaning crew to shut off all the lights. Do it before you leave the office today.

It’s easy, and I guarantee everyone in your company will be happy to participate.

And of course, you can shut your lights off at home tomorrow night, too.

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  • It’s great to support a worthy cause. However, the whole basis for this “lights out” campaign is total and utter nonsense — and if continued toward cap and trade or carbon taxes, could be dangerous to business and our standard of living. First, “global warming” is simply not happening. If the fact that the earth has cooled over the last 10 years is not proof enough, watch the video series starting here:

    Then read any of these books:

    “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming”
    “The Improving State of the World”
    “The Sky’s Not Falling! Why It’s OK To Chill About Global Warming”
    “Climate Confusion : How Global Warming Hysteria Leads To Bad Science, Pandering Politicians, And Misguided Policies That Hurt The Poor”
    “Red Hot Lies : How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, And Deception To Keep You Misinformed”

    My point is, while it’s wise to be a responsible corporate citizen, to support a cause because it is “politically correct” — especially when the basis for the cause is absolutely flawed and when the implications for it are potentially disastrous — is not a sound business decision. It’s better not to associate your business with such an agenda.

  • Sorry, Jim.

    We’re all entitled to our own point of view, but I couldn’t disagree with you more.

    Even if there wasn’t plenty of evidence proving the fact that climate change is indeed happening and it is affecting the Earth’s weather, how could saving energy be considered a bad thing?

    For every piece of ‘evidence’ listed in the books you cite, there are 100 pieces of evidence to the contrary from just about every major scientific entity in the world.

    Besides, encouraging conscientious consumption is always a sound business decision.

  • Aaron says:

    I’d agree with Patrick. Just go to China where you can barely breath or fly into smog filled LA. Turning off lights, reducing carbon emmisions makes the air and water cleaner without a doubt. So let’s say there is no such thing as global warming, you like to breath brown air? Or how about places there are relatively clean because it rains a lot. You want all that stuff in your water?

    So, there really is no arguement against.

  • Jim – it is because of attitudes like yours that the rest of us need to work even harder to increase consciousness. I hope we can all wake up before we live our entire lives in darkness or cannot even breathe the air …

  • mwest says:

    Hi I have to agree with the first gentleman (Jim). If anyone still believes in global warming…please visit Minnesota! We had a record low winter this year. It was freezing, and everything just started melting this month. Let me remind you it is almost April!

  • Hello Millie,

    Actually, your comments regarding it being colder than normal in Minnesota don’t support Jim’s assertions. To the contrary, the gradual warming of the earth is contributing to the melting of polar ice caps. As glaciers melt, the ocean’s temperature has begun to warm, which is beginning to cool the ocean’s currents.

    These cooler currents impact the weather, and most scientists believe it might be responsible for the increase in ‘weather events’ recently. “Global warming” as a term is pretty confusing. As these currents cool, there’s a fear that we may begin to see the beginning of a—wait for it—a new ice age.

    Sorry to say it, but your winters might get even worse in Minnesota.

  • Umit Gokce says:

    I was at the Sounders game at 8:30 Saturday and couldn’t persuade them to even dim the lights at Qwest Field (but did turn off all my home lights).

    A major part of the disconnect with the small, albeit vocal, naysaying segment of the public is the poor messaging we’ve initially used. The unfortunate moniker of “global warming” is a favorite target for them to shoot (spit?) at. “Climate change” indeed presents a much more accurate picture of the problem’s scope and will, in a matter of time, be firmly seated in the mainstream. In the interim, we’re just going to have to brush aside any attempts to sidetrack the core issues.

    However, I would apply a different take on your statement that, “As glaciers melt, the ocean’s temperature has begun to warm, which is beginning to cool the ocean’s currents.” That would be: as the verifiably warmer polar caps expand and push (thermal expansion) cool arctic air towards the equator, we are seeing colder temps in historically milder climates in Winter months.

    That is, warm where/when it was previously cold and cold where/when it was historically milder. Climate change.


  • Ray Verret says:

    To the folks on both sides of the “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” issue…stop being so open-minded. Both sides are wrong and I am right.

  • We always shut out lights off at the office on the weekends and overnight. It’s such a waste of energy. Being a lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems company, we know the importance of conservation and preach it to our customers when we do an installation. Water and energy need to be conserved and used properly.

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