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Solar powered bus shelters turn outdoor ads green

By October 29, 2008November 25th, 20204 Comments

Fuel bus shelter in Miami

In an innovative public-private partnership, Fuel Outdoor has donated 600 Solar powered bus shelters to the City of Miami.

It’s “a revolutionary model at work—corporate advertising dollars are being used to clean the environment,” says Miami Mayor, Manny Diaz.

Michael Freedman, CEO of Fuel, describes their unique business approach:

We have a triple bottom line when assessing any new property. One that looks at our own bottom line, the people in the communities we’re working in and how our decisions impact the green initiative. The Miami deal shows how well this can work.

Our donation of bus shelters to the City of Miami ensures safe, clean illumination and security for nighttime passengers while making virtually no impact on Miami’s environment.

The 20 year contract will eliminate over two tons of carbon dioxide emissions per advertising panel, per year. That a lot of Co2!

Hats off to Fuel and the City of Miami for blazing new environmentally responsible trails in the outdoor advertising space.

How can you make marketing environmentally responsible?

Comment below to weigh in.

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Full disclosure: By sheer coincidence, Outsource Marketing serves two Fuel Outdoor vendors—one that manufactures the shelters and outdoor furniture, the other provides them with their solar panels.

We do not, however, have any relationship with Fuel Outdoor.

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  • Solar illumination offers a responsible solution to illuminating public spaces such as transit stops. In addition to reducing the draw on the power grid and our carbon footprint, in addition bus shelters have been proven to increase transit ridership thus reducing the number of cars on the road.

  • great idea. and the beauty of this is that people are exposed to solar power on a daily basis. hopefully have a trickle down effect

  • I dont get why more of this projects are available. I think people want to have a milestone project, when simple thing that a bus shelter can make the difference

  • The idea of ​​the mayor of Miami is excellent, it is a great outlet for citizens and mayors of other cities. This is the beginning for energy efficiency in society

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