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Sometimes simple saves #CreativeSummer15

By July 3, 2015May 7th, 2021No Comments

It’s made from repurposed furniture fabric and foam chips but the Wonderbag’s simplicity provides power-free cooking in places where preparing food over an open flame is the norm. This is especially true in impoverished African nations where families must have enough wood to maintain a strong flame in order to cook their meals. In fact 3 billion women around the world still utilize this technique.

Invented by South African native, Sarah Collins, the Wonderbag was inspired by her own power outage and her grandmother’s slow cooking techniques. Often compared to cooking something “sous vide” — the Wonderbag uses heat retention to complete the cooking process from food already brought to a boil.

Why is this such a brilliant, yet totally simple idea? Because not only does it save lives from accidental fires, but it saves trees, water, carbon emissions, and time. And we call that a game changer.


Day 13/93


Image credit: Wonderbag via Modernist Cuisine





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