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Creative Summer

Sorry bro, my dog needs a new sweater #CreativeSummer15

By August 26, 2015January 29th, 2021No Comments
Pug Puppy

It’s long been accepted in America that our furry friends are family member with full access to the home. There is certainly a mutual benefit in this if you prefer an alarm clock with a dose of unconditional love. This transition of the pet into a higher priority in people’s lives has certainly has had an impact on the economy. Pet related spending hit an all time high of $58.5 billion, or roughy twice that of what we spend on music, which was between $20 and $25 billion in 2013.

With this greater expenditure on our pets, all kinds of products have popped up, like the Petzi, which allows you to see your pet on webcam and remotely give it treats. The next time you need a short term loan from a buddy, you might come up short if they have a four legged friend. Plan your spending wisely!




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