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Spring Showers Bring Better Marketing

By March 5, 2020October 7th, 2020No Comments
colorful assortment umbrellas to denote spring

Are you bored with your marketing? Has your company’s brand faded into the distance? Have you forgotten what makes you, you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely that your customers feel the same way. If you’re not having fun, neither are they. And business without fun lacks creativity, passion, and results.

The official first day of Spring is March 19th, and it’s the perfect time to press the reset button.

First step is to reassess your company’s goals whether it’s increasing revenue, attracting a new audience, or differentiating yourself in the crowded market. Your revamped strategy should map directly to those goals.

Focus on the core of your brand–your company’s name, logo, tagline, website, and brand communications. Are they consistent with your organizational identity? Memorable to new customers? Are you using cohesive design elements (color, fonts, images, etc)?

Now is your chance to do a full inventory of your marketing and communications, then set your priorities. Apply the KonMari method to your marketing and ask, “does it spark joy?”

Let the rain do its work to wash away sleepy marketing and leave room for ideas that bloom with radiant color. 

Dive deep into the Four C’s (Company, Category, Competition, and Customer) through primary and secondary research to discover your positioning. Positioning should be unique and meaningful, and get to the heart of your company’s strength and purpose. 


  • Who you are
  • Who you’re for
  • Why you’re different
  • Why that matters

Sound like a lot of work? Maybe you should consider outsourcing your marketing so you can focus on your mission. It’s fun when your marketing is good. And we know how to do good well, and have fun doing it. 

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