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Stop taking up so much space, you’re dead! #CreativeSummer15

By August 13, 2015January 29th, 2021One Comment

There’s been a lot of recent interest in eco-friendly burial and memorial alternatives. From Caitlin Doughty in a recent feature in Hopes & Fears:

“There’s a large segment of the public that doesn’t understand why they can’t just be buried under a tree. Not only for the sake of simplicity and thrift but because there is a yearning for a return to nature. These aren’t necessarily people who even know that they’re part of the alternative funeral movement. But because of what they believe and want for their bodies, they effectively are.”

Some alternatives include green burials in natural settings in biodegradable shrouds or simple coffins, blasting your ashes into the cosmos, or composting your body to return it to the earth.

I’m thinking I’ll go with the coral reef option when the time comes.






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  • Danna Lennon-Thomas says:

    Interesting article, most people are so uncomfortable talking about death but its a part of life! Let’s be responsible & plan for our final resting place they way we plan for retirement!

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