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Creative Summer

Sustainable Schools: Eat your College Tuition

By September 21, 2014July 22nd, 2020No Comments

The term “starving college student” doesn’t come from nowhere. Think back to your college days for a minute. You know, the ones where you could hardly round up enough change to buy yourself a decent sandwich. What would you have done for a handful of ripe blueberries, cucumbers, or peas? Perhaps the healthy options weren’t for you, and you instead found yourself craving a bag of chips. Regardless, the poor college student’s plight has been met with a creative answer by Seattle University.

In addition to maintaining 50 acres of well-trimmed rose bushes and freshly-cut lawns, Seattle University allocates a portion of its landscaping budget to maintain edible gardens that are scattered throughout the campus. The gardens are filled with apples, cucumbers, blueberries, cherries, plums, rhubarb, squash, peppers, and the list goes on. For Seattle U students, they literally get to eat their tuition. And so can you: the University openly invites the public to partake in the goodness.

Seattle U has made the college student’s plight a little more tasty with a creative, sustainable, healthy, and environmental friendly option. And they’re not the only school doing it: schools like Cambridge, Wesley, and Ramapo are also part of the movement. Perhaps the term “starving college student” is on its way out.

Next time your taking a walk through Capitol Hill in Seattle, swing by Seattle U’s edible garden for a bit of unconventional foraging.

#CreativeSummer 14 – Day 92/93

Photo Credit: Seattle University 

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