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‘Talk to Frank’ talks frank to drug addicts

By December 12, 2008April 22nd, 2021One Comment

Talk to Frank is a drug addiction helpline and information site in the U.K. helping addicts, their families and friends.

No, Frank is not a person. It’s “a way for you to get straight up advice and info about drugs. It’s the facts without the attitude” and the name certainly fits.

The following three videos are at once brilliant and disturbing.

We’ve all seen shocking drug-related PSA’s before, and companies like Blow Energy Drink Mix and Meth Coffee have blatantly glorified drug culture to create buzz.

But ‘Talk to Frank’ seems to have found a balance in these videos of shock, frank messaging and—remarkably—humor. Certainly, ‘Talk to Frank’ gives people something to talk about.

What do you think of the ‘Talk to Frank’ campaign?

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  • I think that advertising as a whole is generally ignored. So anytime someone adds a creative touch to any type of ad campaign I think it’s great. This particular campaign I think is at least trying to accomplish that and I have to say was interesting enough to get me to watch all 3 videos and make me wonder what else is doing.

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