The Responsible Marketing Blog now on Alltop: Which badge do you prefer?

By May 21, 2008September 1st, 20204 Comments

Alltop is a blog aggregation site founded by Guy Kawasaki that features ever-growing lists of the top blogs in over 70 broad categories including Social Media, Personal Finance, Macintosh and much more.

Yesterday, Alltop added The Responsible Marketing Blog to

It’s a prestigious list, and I’m humbled to be included.

As always, I welcome your comments.

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  • A and B are promos for Alltop. C and D are promos for you. Alas, C is needlessly self-congratulatory and puts distance between author and visitor/reader. D is the clear winner; a little self-deprecating humor softens the promotion.

  • Jon,

    Thanks for the comment. It would appear some of the other folks that have voted so far share your opinion.

    Happy marketing.


  • Bill Boyd says:

    Let’s not assume every visitor knows what Alltop is. B gives the site some credibility — and ties it to the current site. A blows the trumpet for Alltop, period. C and D are both transparent attempts to be hip (and reinforce my perception that a lot of blogging is ego-driven). Having spent years in the news business, I’d rather have it straight. B, hands down.

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