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Three fun videos that prove less is more

By October 14, 2008October 27th, 2021One Comment

Here are three entertaining videos that illustrate why, when it comes to communications—whether it’s copy, design, color or imagery—simplicity rules:

The Process shows what happens when corporate marketers tackle a simple problem:

With apologies to our smart friends at Microsoft who know better, here’s a video called “Microsoft designs the iPod package”:

“Make my Logo Bigger Cream” is an ad for a whole suite of products that will improve your marketing instantly:

Simplicity is Responsible Marketing.

Has your good work been sabotaged by others playing “pile-on” with your concepts?

Go ahead.

Vent your spleen.

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  • Ryan Dancey says:

    I often think designers leave way too much whitespace and have logos that are too small. So I spent half the time watching the 3rd video thinking “the second design probably has a better ROI than the first”.

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