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Turning harassment into art #CreativeSummer14

By September 9, 2014June 4th, 2021No Comments

Art can often make us face things we don’t want to think about or discuss. Like sexual harassment.

Artist, feminist, atheist, and outspoken, Amy Davis Roth has seen her share of misogyny. And it’s disgusting.

Instead of taking it quietly, Amy and her friends have created an exhibit called, “A Woman’s Room Online.” A free-standing 8×10 foot room that is being installed in the L.A. Center for Inquiry office, “A Woman’s Room Online” looks like a regular work office but contains items covered in obscene messages that these women have received online through email or social media. And it ain’t pretty. But as real as it gets.

Referencing a similar installation from 1972, Womanhouse, Amy’s intent was to modernize the past exhibit to reflect what is like to be targeted today with online harassment.


harrasment harrasment2 harrasment3


#CreativeSummer14 – Day 79/93




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