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Vote for the dumbest viral marketing campaign

By August 13, 2008August 19th, 20203 Comments

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  • Larry D says:

    Once again, Walmart proves their lack of creativity, while diminishing their brand.
    Could it be because of diminishing budgets in today’s economy? Not likely.

  • Nate Hull says:

    While the ATHF campaign was a bad idea, I wouldn’t call it dumb. Like Tynan says, it actually may have helped the shows’ irreverent image, and it brought attention to a movie that otherwise didn’t have much marketing behind it.

  • Salesgirl says:

    Well, when you need to make another video to explain the first video (Mike Gravel) that is kind of lame, but I watched that one, and his Helter Skelter video while I was at it, I think he’s a hoot 🙂 Orange Underground however, is extremely lame, and mean spirited to boot…there are a lot of ways to commit random acts of Cheetos without committing outright vandalism or property damage, and the folks at Frito Lay didn’t come up with any of them, and for Pete’s sake, they are “The Man” pretending not to be, and telling people to resort to vandalism in order to stick it to “The Man”, really seriously lame, and definitely not some of Goodby Silverstein’s best work, they have done some truly funny campaigns, but this is definitely not one of them….

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