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Want to increase productivity? Take a hike.

By April 30, 2015August 18th, 2020No Comments

According to a study done by Desk Time, the most productive employees take regular breaks. They calculated the precise formula for maximum productivity to be 52 minutes of work with a 17 minute break. Sound crazy?

We agree.

At Outsource Marketing, we don’t calculate our break to work ratios to increase our productivity. But we do take hikes as a team — in the middle of thunderstorms.

IMG_2395On top of drenching our socks, getting hit by hail, and nearly slipping over instant-death cliffs, hiking together allowed our team to build camaraderie, clear our heads, and discover creative inspiration in the heart of nature and its unpredictable behaviors.

Somehow, everyone kept smiling.

A3000-00235Turns out breaks are worth it. Our team walked away more cohesive, creative, and collaborative. And perhaps even a bit more productive.

So… Want to increase your team’s productivity?

Take a hike.

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