Want to know what Lou Piniella really says to the officials?

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Lou Piniella was a hoot to watch during his Seattle days, and his hot temper always made for great entertainment–for the hardcore or casual fan.

Aquafina has created Lou’s Daily Affirmations, an online site where you can share Lou’s words of wisdom with friends via email and of course, post it on most major social networking sites.

Not sure if I love the execution of the bobblehead, but I still love Sweet Lou.

Seems this could translate across multiple sports or any category where you have a colorful character.

If you could have one bobblehead spokesperson for your company, who would it be?

. . .

Inspiration for this post came from @adrants on Twitter

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  • Kara says:

    The commercial was great and captured him so well! The bobblehead looks like a very young version of him but still works well, I think. If anything, it’s good for a laugh in the middle of the day.

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