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We did it! MDA Lock-Up a success.

By September 17, 2008January 21st, 2022One Comment

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I raised enough bail to get out of jail at the MDA Lockup, but more importantly, we raised $1,250 for the MDA.

Your donations will help the MDA continue research for treatments and cures for 43 neuromuscular diseases, and help provide wheelchairs, clinic visits, support groups and summer camp for the families served by the MDA.

A few pictures follow. Mouse over for captions, click to enlarge.

Donations came from people as close as down the hall, to as far as Dublin, Ireland and ranged from $10 to $250.

Here are the generous people who donated:

Eric Anderson
Kevin Burgess
Tony Cheng
Renee Chow
LaDonna Coy
Mark Jordan
Mike Komola
Joseph McGrath
Mark McLaren
Freddy Nager
Deston Nokes
Victoria Ostrovskaya
Mike Rask
Shari Storm
Loni Syltebo
Amanda Wolfman

My firm, Outsource Marketing, threw in a dollar or two as well.

Thanks, everyone.

If you’d like to say thanks to the folks above, comment below.

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  • Thanks for creating a fun environment yesterday. To see someone take an idea such a that and bring it t fruition shows us how fun and useful we can also be. It brings out the best in us all.

    To those who donated, you’ve given a dollar from your wallet, but it’s the heart behind the gesture that is most appealing. Thanks for doing more than standing in the sidelines while people needed you.

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