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Feelin’ lucky to have our new Marketing Coordinator, Shalene!๐Ÿ€

Help us welcome Shaleneย 

Shalene has a background in psychology with additional experience in behavioral and cultural psych. She enjoyed working as a Behavior Technician shaping life skills in children with Autism and has also volunteered for three months in psychiatric hospitals in Sri Lanka. Since psychology is a central component of buyer behavior, Shalene is ready to put her background to use in the marketing field.

After hours, Shalene prioritizes time to be creative. She especially enjoys painting with watercolors, designing sticker sheets, and is way too obsessed with bullet journaling (which is obvious from her ridiculous stash of stationery, stamps, and washi tape).

Although she loves traveling and has lived in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sri Lanka, Shalene always ends up back in Greater Seattle and secretly wishes she could live here forever. Shalene currently lives with her husband and two very talkative kitties.

It’s fun to be good!

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