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What do you think of Earth Day cards?

By March 5, 2009August 19th, 20208 Comments

Earth Day crock cartoon

An intriguing question was posed by Tim Somers via LinkedIn the other day and I’m curious to see what you think.

Here’s his question:

Would using a greeting card to promote Earth Day go against what Earth Day is all about even if the cards are made with recycled materials?

I asked a similar question regarding holiday cards at the end of last year, but the fact it’s for Earth Day adds a new wrinkle.

So what do you think of using recycled printed cards to promote Earth Day?

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Image: Kleefeld on Comics

Join the discussion 8 Comments

  • Anny Chih says:

    Hrm, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if the cards were made of biodegradable paper imbedded with plant seeds – the stuff that Botanical Paperworks produces.

  • I love that idea, Anny. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Tim Somers says:

    Patrick, when I first got involved with the Earth Day Birthday movement I kept thinking of a way to Send Out Cards to help promote this day. But after seeing statistic after statistic of how many trees are lost everyday and a host of other natural resources, I really started second guessing my plan to send Earth Day Greeting Cards to my customers, friends and family.

    I posted the question on LinkedIn to see if I might be over thinking this, and the responses have been very interesting.

    After reading all of the responses thus far, I am still going to help promote EarthDay Awareness by sending greeting cards made from recycled paper with acid free inks. I have come to realize that no matter what direction I take someone will be offended or not supportive, but many will stop and think about Earth Day and hopefully consider doing their part in the long run.

    Thanks for bring attention to my question Patrick.

    Tim Somers

  • Jeffrey says:

    botanical paperworks products are awesome!

    another way to keep earth day as green as possible is to just send earthday eCards. That way there’s no paper involved at all.

  • Love Amy’s idea, tho I wish there was a way to get them to intended recipients without burning fossil fuels!

  • Cynthia says:

    It’s not only the paper but the resources (ie water) and energy to produce, package and ship the cards. My wish? Celebrate Earth Day by volunteering to do something “earthy” for your community.

  • 8vertiser says:

    My opinion: Sending greeting cards to promote Earth Day is indeed against Earth Day itself. Greeting card is normally send out from a person to another person. Then think, how much resources needed to produce and distribute 1 billion Earth Day’s greeting cards? We, instead, should focus on one-to-many type of marketing. Example, simply wear Earth Day t-shirt, cap or bag. I am sure many would notice “Earth Day”, “April 22nd” and etc on your ED’s gears.

  • Linda says:

    I think if one was sending thousands of cards, it might be a questionable concern for Earth Day, however if you were to just send to family and friends and clients it would be a minimal amount.
    I think the fact that people will be driving non-environmentally friendly automobiles, and smoking and pumping gasoline into their cars, turning on the lights and televisions in their homes and doing ‘normal’ stuff, will be more of an impact on the environment.
    It’s probably a trade-off time–but how about if you eliminate one or two non-environmentally safe habits and start recycling at home and work, or plant a couple of trees [like Shaklee does], or reduce your packaging waste by purchasing concentrated cleaners…etc.. I say, just do something on a regular basis that will help the environment.
    Sending a couple of dozen recycled cards does not seem bad when you realize that using chlorine bleach around our children is causing severe respiratory problems, not to mention learning disabilities, and of course there’s the threat that the anti-psycotic drugs are leaching into our ground water and causing all kinds of health issues…
    Send a card; make someone smile while we still can.

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