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Where have you seen advertising today?

By January 28, 2008January 21st, 20223 Comments

My partners and I have been preaching and teaching about the effects of information overload for over a decade now.

In speaking engagements, workshops and classes that I’ve instructed, I’ve often asked “Where have you seen advertising today?

Here are a few places that have been mentioned:

• Direct mail
• TV
• Radio
• Billboards
• Newspaper
• Classified
• Airport
• Buses
• On/in products
• In the sky
• Web sites
• Phone book
• Kiosks
• Over the phone
• Banner ads
• Online newsletters
• Trade shows
• On athletes
• On race cars, boats
• Displays
• Promotions
• Company vehicles
• Buildings
• Parked vehicles
• Events
• Stadiums

Help build the list. Comment below.


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  • how about pop-up advertising that somehow still exists?

  • Popups and adware and spyware, oh my.

    A-ha! You caught me!

    My list is actually nearly 500 items long. I left some pretty prominent things off the list purposely so visitors could pump up the list.

    But guess what, even my full list didn’t have adware and spyware.

    Thanks for the comments, Conrad.

  • I’ve been looking a long time for a blog like this one, and now my questions needed answering for so long have been dealt with here at (Where have you seen advertising today? | The Responsible Marketing Blog). great! Kind regards, Betty Ann Carter.

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