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Why consumers in emerging markets are more responsible than Americans

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Nearly 90% of Chinese Youth want Greener Business

90% of Chinese 18-25 year olds want greener brands.

The growth of our Responsible Marketing LinkedIn Group has been intriguing: most new members aren’t coming from America—they are coming from everywhere else. And a disproportionate number are coming from emerging markets.

New research from Edelman Public Relations shared in Good Magazine explains why:

  • Older people aren’t as purposeful: The U.S. is aging, and the idea of spending a little more for a product to support a cause hasn’t been embraced by many older consumers—especially those on fixed incomes.
  • Consumers in emerging markets are closer to the problems that need to be solved. Put simply, Americans are more insulated from the problems that need solving.
  • It’s assumed that governments will enforce high standards in developed countries, but “citizen consumers” are helping make it happen in developing markets.
  • Consumers in development countries are more disillusioned with institutions than ever—and they are taking action.
  • Recessions make us selfish.

Are there other reasons consumers in emerging markets care more about responsible business than Americans?

We’d love to hear from you.

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