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World Cup soccer: An advertiser’s dream

By June 16, 2014October 25th, 2022No Comments

If you’ve been living in the forest seeking your inner zen and haven’t heard yet, it’s time for World Cup soccer.  That’s right. The big daddy of the entire sports world. As in ALL of planet earth will be watching. According to FIFA ( Fédération Internationale de Football Association), more than 3.2 billion people watched live coverage of the 2010 tournament for a minimum of one minute. The average official rating was 188.4 million for each match.

That’s a whole ‘lotta eyeballs. Not to mention an insane amount of money. World Cup sponsors are spending upwards of $600 million on Brazil’s popular network, Globo. Is it responsible spending? With millions of people watching each match – the exposure just may be worth it.

So, it shouldn’t surprise you that billions of dollars are dumped into marketing and advertising during World Cup. You might have seen some of the fantastic spots on tv or web.

Thus, in honor of the start of World Cup, here are a couple of those spots worth watching:

Beats by Dr. Dre:


In case you’ve got a bad case of World Cup fever, click here to watch more spots. The advertisers thank you. Go USA!



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